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Medizinische Genetik Mainz

Medizinische Genetik Mainz offers genetic counselling and a wide range of diagnostic services to patients and colleagues from all clinical disciplines, clinics and other medical institutions and specialty centers. We aim to turn the increasingly complex set of data into applicable results to support clinicians in finding the most appropriate therapeutic approach and clinical management of patients. Our team brings decades of experience in the interpretation and interrogation of datasets. Medizinische Genetik Mainz nicely demonstrates the complementary power and added value of close interrelationships between the clinic, diagnostics and research. Our laboratory was among the first that implemented massively parallel sequencing techniques on a broader diagnostic scale and transferred these into the clinic. Innovative diagnostics allows early and targeted prevention and the use of tailored therapies finally improving the efficacy and quality of clinical treatment. Our mission is to foster genetics in routine clinical care and to provide cost-efficient, high-quality services with short turn-around times.